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1 He later guest-starred in episodes of The Muppet Show and The Cosby Show, and in the 1980s revival New Twilight Zone.

2 In the 1980s revival, the IMF is suggested to be an independent agency of the United States government.

3 The 1980s revival reinstated the "dossier scene" in the first episode, when Phelps selects his new team, but since he keeps the same team in subsequent episodes, no subsequent dossier scenes were made.

4 In the 1980s revival, the mask-making process involved a digital camera and computer and was mostly automatic.

5 In the 1980s revival, this format was altered with the addition of a tag scene showing the IMF team regrouping (often still in disguise) and walking away.

6 The 1980s revival, however, did kill off a main character on screen.

7 The 1980s revival otherwise stayed true to Geller's edict, with the occasional brief exception.

8 In 1985, he was the guest actor in the first episode of the 1980s revival of The Twilight Zone, "Shatterday".

9 Nike approached the 1980s revival around 2010 to relaunch the footwear.

10 MGM still holds distribution rights to the 1980s revival of Hollywood Squares and High Rollers the company produced, as well as the remnants of the Heatter-Quigley library that was not erased, including all remaining episodes of the original Squares;

11 The late 1990s began the 1980s revival, which grew into the 2000s and 2010s.

12 In 1986, he played President John F. Kennedy in an episode of the 1980s revival of The Twilight Zone, "Profile in Silver".

13 During this period in the late 1990s, numerous releases on International Deejay Gigolos notably fuelled the 1980s revival in the German and international club scene, establishing DJ Hell as one of the founders of the Electroclash subgenre.

14 Order: LA, Torchwood: Miracle Day, Touched by an Angel, Time Trax, the 1980s revival of Mission: Impossible, and Special Unit 2, along with animated series, including The Angry Beavers, Extreme Ghostbusters, Invader Zim, Duck Dodgers, Max Steel, Duckman, Young Justice, and DC Super Hero Girls as Mr. Freeze.