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1 From Masanobu, several kuge families originated including the Niwata, Ayanokōji, Itsutsuji, Ōhara and Jikōji. From his fourth son Sukeyosi, the Sasaki clan originated, and thus Kyōgoku clan originated.

2 In the Medieval Period, the Sasaki clan ruled Omi, and afterward the Rokkaku clan, Kyōgoku clan and Azai clans ruled Omi.

3 Harada Mukashi and a few other scholars believe that Sasaki was actually assassinated by Miyamoto and his students – the Sasaki clan apparently was a political obstacle to Lord Hosokawa, and defeating Sasaki would have been a political setback to his religious and political foes.

4 The Amago clan (尼子氏, Amago-shi), descended from the Emperor Uda (868–897) by the Kyogoku clan, descending from the Sasaki clan (Uda Genji).

5 In the Muromachi period, it was ruled successively by the Sasaki clan, the Yamana clan and the Kyōgoku clan.