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1 Lloyd Davis and Joe Dodge held the drum chair.

2 After 2-3 years with the band he was himself replaced by Robbie Bean, Tim "Curveball" Wright had the drum chair for 6 months in 1988.

3 Scott Hoffman took over the drum chair from Meeder later in 1992.

4 Brian Dunne took over the drum chair in 2001 and when Eliot Lewis left the band in September 2002 to pursue other musical opportunities (including a stint with Hall and Oates), he was replaced by Klyde Jones.

5 While Sánchez was still at the Conservatory in 1997, his teacher, Danilo Pérez, recommended him to Paquito D'Rivera for the drum chair in Dizzy Gillespie's United Nations Orchestra, which led to him touring with the orchestra.

6 Bryan Head was then brought in to fill the drum chair.