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1 Some of the infections of most concern include salmonella, cat-scratch disease and toxoplasmosis.

2 In fact, many of the infections acquired by neonates are caused by low virulence organisms like Staphylococcus and Pseudomonas.

3 The warm, faeces-filled water would then cause the infections.

4 On his return, the month-old cultures made the chickens unwell, but instead of the infections being fatal, as they usually were, the chickens recovered completely.

5 The infections from both tyrannosaurs were received by being bitten during a fight, like the Herrerasaurus specimen.

6 they most likely only made the infections worse.

7 The infections or toxins trigger a change in the brain chemistry, which can develop into a mental disorder.

8 Protozoans, cestodes and nematodes lead to many turtle deaths because of the infections in the liver and intestinal tract they cause.

9 In areas of the world where the infections are common, often entire groups of people will be treated all at once and on a regular basis.

10 Most of the infections in Peru were bubonic plague, with four cases of pneumonic plague.

11 This case helped to identify Mallon as the source of the infections.

12 A 2018 study of tissue slides and medical reports led by evolutionary biology professor Michael Worobey found evidence against the disease originating from Kansas, as those cases were milder and had fewer deaths compared to the infections in New York City in the same period.

13 The oysters showed higher growth and survival rates and low susceptibility to the infections.

14 Although the number of victims was low, the mortality rate was high at 50%. About 10 cases have occurred annually since then and further research needs to be done to establish the epidemiology of the infections.

15 Once the infections resolve and hearing thresholds return to normal, childhood otitis media may still cause minor and irreversible damage to the middle ear and cochlea.

16 Myelitis often follows after the infections or after vaccination.

17 It is thought, however, that the actual number of cases is significantly higher than suggested by the above figures, with the UK's Health Protection Agency estimating that there are between 2,000 and 3,000 cases per year, (with an average of around 15% of the infections acquired overseas), while Dr Darrel Ho-Yen, Director of the Scottish Toxoplasma Reference Laboratory and National Lyme Disease Testing Service, believes that the number of confirmed cases should be multiplied by 10 "to take account of wrongly diagnosed cases, tests giving false results, sufferers who weren't tested, people who are infected but not showing symptoms, failures to notify and infected individuals who don't consult a doctor."

18 Recent developments in the field of the temporary prostatic stent have been viewed as a possible alternative to indwelling catheterization and the infections associated with their use.

19 In Sweden over a period from 1984–2012 a total of 4,830 cases of tularemia occurred (most of the infections were acquired within the country).

20 However, the majority of the infections are subclinical.