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1 Once identified, these types of hypoglycemia are readily reversed and prevented, and the underlying disease becomes the primary problem.

2 He blamed the Israeli West Bank barrier as the primary problem for the Christians.

3 The primary problem with simple weighted reference counting is that destroying a reference still requires accessing the reference count, and if many references are destroyed this can cause the same bottlenecks we seek to avoid.

4 The primary problem in producing a TOE is that general relativity and quantum mechanics are hard to unify.

5 "Ukrainian bourgeois nationalism" was declared to be the primary problem in Ukraine.

6 However, recent insights show a multisystem disorder, with the primary problem lying in hormonal regulation in the hypothalamus, with the involvement of many organs.

7 The primary problem is overharvesting.

8 Money was the primary problem that he confronted, as the war had drained the coffers of the Virginia treasury, and the government was plagued by creditors, both domestic and foreign.

9 The primary problem in epistemology is to understand exactly what is needed in order for us to have knowledge.

10 The primary problem for Moline, and the Quad-Cities at large, in this period was the area's lack of a strong national identity.

11 The primary problem was that the systems were simply too slow, operating on 300 baud modems connected to large minicomputers.

12 The primary problem was that in order to make the diet of the Workhouse inmates "less eligible" than what they could expect outside, it would be necessary to starve the inmates beyond an acceptable level.

13 Spare's work is contemporaneous with Hugo Ball's attempts "to rediscover the evangelical concept of the 'word' (logos) as a magical complex image"—as well as with Walter Benjamin's thesis that "Mediation, which is the immediacy of all mental communication, is the fundamental problem of linguistic theory, and if one chooses to call this immediacy magic, then the primary problem of language is its magic.

14 The Navy concluded that the primary problem was that their pilots had not been given proper air combat maneuvering training, and were forced to rely on missiles that were not performing as expected.

15 The primary problem is that qualitative research lacks a sufficient number of observations to properly estimate the effects of an independent variable.

16 Opposition from the North Vietnamese was light and the primary problem that hampered the advance was continual heavy morning cloud cover that slowed the pace of helicopter operations.

17 The primary problem that Rider has raised is the thermalization of ions.

18 The primary problem was the disposition of the "Industrial Triangle" east of the Oder river, whose triangle ends were marked by the cities of Beuthen (Bytom), Gleiwitz (Gliwice) and Kattowitz (Katowice), all three of which were mostly inhabited by ethnic Germans.

19 However, some hold that the OO support was not the primary problem with the 432, and that the implementation shortcomings (especially in the compiler) mentioned above would have made any CPU design slow.

20 The following interventions are carried out: Vasopressors (such as dopamine and noradrenaline) should generally be avoided, as they may result in further tissue ischemia and don't correct the primary problem.