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1 Vertical collectivism involves the prioritization of group goals over individual goals, implying a hierarchical positioning of the self in relation to the overarching in-group.

2 The rising costs of development and the prioritization of Project Gemini led to the cancellation of the Dyna-Soar program in December 1963.

3 To further refine the prioritization, some individuals choose to then force-rank all "B" items as either "A" or "C".

4 Taylor went on to state that the prioritization of safety in nuclear reactors is relatively low compared to how it should be, and that if one were to create a nuclear reactor with the capability of cooling down—without the initiation of a fission reaction—then efforts at harvesting nuclear energy would be more incentivized and exponentially safer.

5 The prioritization of school-age children for seasonal flu immunization, which is more effective than vaccinating the elderly, however, has been shown to create a certain degree of protection for the elderly.

6 Another condition determining how voters use the provision of public goods to hold leaders accountable is whether the prioritization of public goods is determined either directly via vote or delegated to a governing body.

7 As patients can arrive at any time and with any complaint, a key part of the operation of an emergency department is the prioritization of cases based on clinical need.

8 the prioritization of individualism, freedom and formal equality;

9 Since the early 2010s, Amtrak had planned to fix the deteriorating rails and infrastructure around Penn Station, but due to the prioritization of other projects, applied only minimal fixes.

10 At the same time, the Asian Institute of Tourism (AIT) was established in light of the prioritization of tourism as a national industry.

11 On 8 April 2014, the Strategic Development Program was approved, a basic document of the Police, elaborated for a period of 3 years, which ensures the prioritization of the various objectives for the IGP.

12 Phylogeography can help in the prioritization of areas of high value for conservation.

13 However, due to the prioritization of the religious aspect, the term "Christian reconquest" is still used to describe the event.

14 The illegality has to do with the prioritization of children's rights over the rights of parents: children have the right to the company of other children and adults who are not their parents, also parents cannot opt their kids out of sexual education classes because the state considers a child's right to information to be more important than a parent's desire to withhold it. Parents looking for a suitable school for their child have a wide choice of elementary schools.

15 The withdrawal of Soviet aid due to the Sino-Soviet split, and the prioritization of the missile and nuclear weapon programs, crippled the industry, which markedly declined through 1963.

16 Although the prioritization of pressing public health issues is important, Laurie Garrett argues that there are following consequences.

17 Conference attendees spent several days developing the "Mun River Declaration", which both announced their existence and criticized the prioritization of industrial development at the expense of local communities.

18 Difficulties included strained relations between key players, disagreement among members on the prioritization of issues, and attempts of some countries to link progress in one area to parallel progress in other areas.

19 For farmers, the prioritization of the well-being and care of their animals comes before many other things on the farm.

20 He suggests a whole package of measures that aim to prevent an emotional burnout of the mother, like the prioritization and delegation of duties and responsibilities, streamlining of daily routines, and collaboration between both parents.