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1 It may be useful for the lawyers, the plaintiff and/or the defendant to employ forensic accountants or someone trained in the relevant field of economics to give evidence on the value of the loss.

2 A witness who is being offered as an expert must first establish his or her competency in the relevant field through an examination of his or her credentials.

3 It functions as a form of self-regulation by qualified members of a profession within the relevant field.

4 Peer review is a form of self-regulation by qualified members of a profession within the relevant field.

5 Each article was written by a recognized specialist in the relevant field, but unsurprisingly for a work spanning three generations, the underlying assumptions vary radically with the age of the article.

6 The membership typically comprises distinguished individuals in the relevant field, who may be elected by the other members, or appointed by the government.

7 It is written by or in consultation with experts in the relevant field.

8 A professor requires ten years post-PhD teaching/research experience in an HEC recognized university or a post-graduate institution or professional experience in the relevant field in a national or international organization.

9 Furthermore, the "state of the art" (used as the starting point for the inventive step assessment) should be construed as meaning the "state of technology", the person skilled in the art is the person skilled in the relevant field of technology, and "for the purpose of the problem-and-solution approach, the problem must be a technical problem which the skilled person in the particular technical field might be asked to solve at the relevant priority date".

10 Each department maintains additional degree requirements, including both core and elective courses within the relevant field.

11 The separation of the databases allows searching in each discipline to be tailored, so that words can automatically be given different weight functions in different database searches, depending on how common they are in the relevant field.

12 The relevant field of a union variable is typically determined by the state of other variables, possibly in an enclosing struct.