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1 - July (bi-monthly) 1989), which adapted the first book in the second trilogy.

2 The second trilogy that Miller had convinced id to create was released soon after as an add-on pack titled The Nocturnal Missions.

3 Their obligations to Softdisk, where they had worked during development of the game, led to the creation of Keen Dreams as a prototype for the second trilogy of episodes.

4 The second trilogy sold fewer copies, which was blamed by id and Apogee on its split into two parts, and the 2001 game received mixed reviews.

5 Within the main series are two trilogies: the first published was the Lord Valentine Cycle, the second trilogy was the Lord Prestimion Cycle, set earlier in the history of Majipoor.

6 The second trilogy, returning to the era of the lost civilization, introduces the civilization's caretaker minority, the Alectors, who are human-like entities that exist on Corus, "linked" to their former worlds with pure life-force.