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1 The most striking feature is the existence of two great lines of depression, due largely to the subsidence of whole segments of the Earth's crust, the lowest parts of which are occupied by vast lakes.

2 and this was caused by the subsidence of the island.

3 The Encyclopædia Britannica says "These mythologies are the source of such features of the biblical Flood story as the building and provisioning of the ark, its flotation, and the subsidence of the waters, as well as the part played by the human protagonist."

4 In sag basins, the extra weight of the newly deposited sediments is enough to keep the subsidence going in a vicious circle.

5 The south wall of the enclosure was periodically reinforced to fight the subsidence of the hillside.

6 Unfortunately, much of the subsidence from groundwater extraction is permanent (elastic rebound is small).

7 Thus, the subsidence is not only permanent, but the compressed aquifer has a permanently reduced capacity to hold water.

8 As the subsidence continues the fringing reef becomes a larger barrier reef farther from the shore with a bigger and deeper lagoon inside.

9 The subsidence of land due to the withdrawal of groundwater is an isostatic cause of relative sea level rise.

10 The locations near the meanders of the Ebro feature some sinkholes formed upon the subsidence of the gypsum-rich soil, that can form ponds fed from irrigation water.

11 When surface winds become light, the subsidence produced directly under the subtropical ridge can lead to a buildup of particulates in urban areas under the ridge, leading to widespread haze.

12 As the subsidence continues, the fringing reef becomes a barrier reef and ultimately an atoll reef.

13 As the subsidence continues, the fringing reef becomes a larger barrier reef further from the shore with a bigger and deeper lagoon inside.

14 The sediments were progressively deposited in the trough at the mouth of the river, which migrated westward and more than compensated for the subsidence.

15 The caldera was created in a massive volcanic eruption between 6,000 and 8,000 years ago that led to the subsidence of Mount Mazama.

16 These may have contributed to the subsidence that destroyed some of Jerome's buildings, which slid slowly downhill during the first half of the 20th century.

17 16, 2017, the board approved a $4 million settlement with Union Pacific Railroad, legal owners of the assets of the former Superior Coal Company, in connection with the subsidence.

18 A 2015 study by Davide M. Schulte, Karin M. Dridge and Mark H. Hudgins, all members of the Army Corps of Engineers, concluded that Tangier has 25–50 years of habitability remaining and that the subsidence of the ridges is ongoing since at least the mid-19th century.

19 The authors also conclude that the primary causes of the subsidence in the southern Chesapeake Bay region are sea-level rise due to the melting of the Laurentide ice sheet, groundwater extraction on mainland Virginia, and the remaining effects of the Chesapeake Bay impact crater near Cape Charles, Virginia 35.5 million years ago.

20 The subsidence has been monitored at about 240 stations since 1946 every two years.