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1 It was announced in the summer of 1985, at the same time as the C128, and became available in quantity later that year.

2 During the summer of 1985, Calvino prepared a series of texts on literature for the Charles Eliot Norton Lectures to be delivered at Harvard University in the fall.

3 In the summer of 1985, Lake Superior reached its highest recorded level at 2.33 feet (0.71 m) above datum.

4 The half-hour show ran for eight episodes in the summer of 1985 on NBC Thursday nights in prime time.

5 In the summer of 1985, Phish went on a short hiatus while Anastasio and Fishman vacationed in Europe;

6 Tork also recorded some unreleased tracks for Nesmith's Countryside label during the 1970s, and Dolenz (by then a successful television director in the United Kingdom) directed a segment of Nesmith's TV series Television Parts, although his segment was ultimately not included when the series' six episodes were broadcast by NBC during the summer of 1985.

7 Shot in the summer of 1985, the film co-starred Charlie Sheen and Kerri Green with Ryder playing Rina, one of Lucas's friends at school.

8 While construction of the spacecraft in which the telescope and instruments would be housed proceeded somewhat more smoothly than the construction of the OTA, Lockheed still experienced some budget and schedule slippage, and by the summer of 1985, construction of the spacecraft was 30% over budget and three months behind schedule.

9 In the summer of 1985 he performed at the Almeida Theatre in London for a week-long engagement.

10 He was killed in the summer of 1985 when he crashed heavily at turn 2 at Mosport Park of Bowmanville near Toronto, Ontario, Canada, during the Budweiser 1000 km World Endurance Championship event, driving a Porsche 962C for Kremer Racing with co-driver Marc Surer.

11 In 1988, Computer Gaming World founder Russell Sipe noted that "the arcade game crash of 1984 took down the majority of the computer game magazines with it." He stated that, by "the winter of 1984, only a few computer game magazines remained," and by the summer of 1985, Computer Gaming World "was the only 4-color computer game magazine left."

12 In the summer of 1985, the Knicks were entered into the first-ever NBA Draft Lottery.

13 During the summer of 1985, Return of the Invaders was released with updated color graphics and more complex movements and attack patterns for the aliens.

14 Days before shooting started in the summer of 1985, Embassy was sold to Columbia Pictures, who made plans to cancel the production.

15 And during the summer of 1985, he appeared as a celebrity on Body Language.

16 In the summer of 1985, Khan performed at the World of Music, Arts and Dance (WOMAD) festival in London.

17 In the summer of 1985, he walked the picket line with striking P-9ers during a labor dispute at the Hormel Meat Packing plant in Austin, Minnesota.

18 In the summer of 1985, a KGB officer who was a double agent working for the CIA on a mission in Africa traveled to a dead drop in Moscow on his way home but never reported in. The CIA heard from a European KGB source that its agent had been arrested.

19 The film was made in the summer of 1985 and was the last film made by ABC Motion Pictures which was closed down in October 1985.

20 Released in the summer of 1985, this was Phoenix's first major motion picture role.