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1 After separation from the first stage, the sustainer stage continued alone.

2 The sustainer also steered the rocket by thrusters guided by gyroscopes.

3 Tenrikyo's doctrine names four properties of Tenri-O-no-Mikoto: as the God who became openly revealed in the world, as the creator who created the world and humankind, as the sustainer and protector who gives existence and life to all creation, and as the savior whose intention in becoming revealed is to save all humankind.

4 These provided fine adjustment of velocity and steering after the sustainer engine shut down.

5 the booster engines would be discarded, while the sustainer continued to burn.

6 From there on, the sustainer and verniers would operate by themselves.

7 Ibn Abd al-Wahhab's justification for considering the majority of Muslims of Arabia to be unbelievers, and for waging war on them, can be summed up as his belief that the original pagans the Prophet Muhammad fought "affirmed that God is the creator, the sustainer and the master of all affairs;

8 Holders of the post include: The Sustainer is the magazine of the RLC Association.

9 She is the sustainer, developer and organizer.

10 Mother Vaishnavi is the sustainer of the good.