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1 Nanoallotropes, or allotropes of nanomaterials, are nanoporous materials that have the same chemical composition (e.g., Au), but differ in their architecture at the nanoscale (that is, on a scale 10 to 100 times the dimensions of individual atoms).

2 The Parthenon is an example of their architecture that has lasted to modern days.

3 Palace after palace was discovered, with their decorations and their sculptured slabs, revealing the life and manners of this ancient people, their arts of war and peace, the forms of their religion, the style of their architecture, and the magnificence of their monarchs.

4 Modular robots are a new breed of robots that are designed to increase the utilization of robots by modularizing their architecture.

5 Parts of Venice are renowned for the beauty of their settings, their architecture, and artwork.

6 He also took rides through the Essex countryside on his pony, and visited the various churches and cathedrals throughout the country, marveling at their architecture.

7 While the Hoysalas introduced innovative features into their architecture, they also borrowed features from earlier builders of Karnata like the Kadambas, Western Chalukyas.

8 It shows through their architecture, their languages and dialects, their beliefs and rituals, as well as their clothing.

9 Many are renowned for their architecture or their decorative features such as sculpture, stained glass and frescos.

10 Many cathedral buildings are very famous for their architecture and have local and national significance, both artistically and historically.

11 Their architecture is influenced by a variety of styles;

12 (from Norberg) Mauchly's interest lay in the application of computers, as well as to their architecture and organization.

13 Dotted across the area are 22 listed buildings (for their architecture).

14 The Theban rulers of the Seventeenth Dynasty are known to have imitated the Hyksos both in their architecture and regnal names.

15 This is reflected in their architecture and most prominently by the enormous amounts of time, money, and labour involved in the building of tombs.

16 Brick manufacturing became the major industry, and many homes still have original Toone bricks in their architecture.

17 Their architecture was similar to that of the M-20 and M-220 series.

18 Hakka culture have been largely shaped by the new environment which they had to alter many aspects their culture to adapt, which helped influence their architecture and cuisine.

19 She was also influenced by her regular visits to British historic homes and their architecture.

20 These civilizations were also known for their architecture and wood sculpture.