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1 The Greek historian Herodotus reported that killing a cat was forbidden, and when a household cat died, the entire family mourned and shaved their eyebrows.

2 Jeffrey Merrick wrote in 1986, "But those ecclesiastics who not only raised their eyebrows over the sins of the Beloved but also expressed doubts about his policies reflected the corporate attitude of the First Estate more accurately."

3 Dante sees Attila the Hun and Alexander the Great up to their eyebrows.

4 Kings may aim to deepen the color of their eyebrows or create a fuller look with dark eyeliner or other makeup.

5 The male courtly ideal included a faint mustache and thin goatee, while women's mouths were painted small and red, and their eyebrows were plucked or shaved and redrawn higher on the forehead (hikimayu).

6 in Thailand monks shave their eyebrows as well.

7 It is also commonplace for them to shave off their eyebrows to gain a more accurate look.

8 Women shaped their eyebrows needle-thin and penciled them in dark, emulating such actresses as Clara Bow.

9 Their noses are above their eyebrows, which are either ginger (in the television series) or white (in the film).

10 Brinke and others established that participants appeared surprised because they could only raise their eyebrows when trying to appear sad, which then caused the participants to feel embarrassed, feel genuine happiness, and let a smile slip.

11 Like the Mandayas and Mansakas, they shave their eyebrows to a thin line and file and blacken their teeth.

12 The researchers also added adhesive sensors to the faces of people used to test the device -- between their eyebrows and on one side of their mouths -- to capture facial expressions that are a part of American Sign Language.== References ==

13 Girls participating in mogi coming-of-age ceremonies traditionally blackened their teeth, shaved their eyebrows, and applied makeup.

14 It is common for people to modify their eyebrows by means of hair removal and makeup.

15 Some people wax or shave off their eyebrows and leave them bare, stencil or draw them in with eye liner, or tattoo them on. In Western societies, it has become more common for men to pluck part of their eyebrows.

16 She eventually became the most prominent figure in fashion magazines and the general press for changing the typical Japanese idol image and styles of women in Japan, in favour of "dyeing their hair brown, plucking their eyebrows... thick-soled/long boots, a miniskirt, tanned-skin and tattoos".

17 I somehow feel complete detachment from all this, and am thoroughly unmoved by what name one ornithologist chooses to dub a bird that is familiar to me, and care even less in regard to one that is unfamiliar ----- The more I see of these subspecific tangles and inanities, the more I can understand the people who silently raise their eyebrows and put a finger to their temples when they contemplate the modern ornithologist in action.