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1 Flame tanks have been superseded by thermobaric weapons such as the Russian TOS-1. The idea for this tank was developed during World War I by British and French.

2 Because of the extra width of the floats attached to this tank, cutting a broad exit ramp into the bow of the barge was not considered advisable as it would have compromised the vessel's seaworthiness to an unacceptable degree.

3 For the night this tank had a British and American crew.

4 If this tank were ruptured, it might knock the operator forward as it was expended in the same way a pressurized aerosol can bursts outward when punctured.

5 Govinda Dikshitar constructed the sixteen mandapams (shrines) and stone steps around this tank.

6 This tank had additional V-shaped underside armor, limiting casualties to just one of the seven personnel (four crewmen and three infantrymen) on board.

7 this tank could carry a smaller fuel load, but also allowed for a rear-facing film camera to also be added.

8 All the rivers of India are believed to meet at the tank on this day and a purificatory bath at this tank on this day is considered equal to the combined dips in all the holy rivers of India Festival deities from all the temples in Kumbakonam arrive at the tank and at noon, all the deities bathe along with the devotees - it is called "Theerthavari".

9 Govinda Dikshitar, the chieftain of Ragunatha Nayak of Thanjavur, constructed the sixteen Mandapams and stone steps around this tank.

10 Examples of this tank are in the collections of most significant military museums, and hundreds more serve as war memorials.

11 This tank belonged to the 1st Company, 101st SS Heavy Panzer Battalion.

12 leakage and vapors from this tank caused intense fires around the ship.

13 This tank was fitted with a Meteor two-axis stabiliser, it allows the T-62 to aim and fire while moving, according to tests conducted by the US army the Meteor gave the T-62 a first hit probability of 70% for a moving target at 1000 meters with the tank moving up to 20 km/per hour.

14 This tank was later studied and the information gathered from those studies was used for the development of the Type 69 main battle tank.

15 This tank (serial number 715-62) was meticulously inspected and showed widely divergent armor thickness values used in its construction, likely the result of poor quality control of armor plate supplied by the steel mills.

16 In April 1945, this tank, now stripped of most of its armament and immobile, was assigned to Panzer Brigade 150 and towed into the town of Zossen where it was used as a fixed fortification and barricade.

17 This tank has additional steel bars welded to some track link faces, Russian style, despite not being an ex-Russian tank.

18 This tank was introduced in the Battle of Kursk, one of the largest tank battles in history.

19 However the sides of this tank were very vulnerable, ranging from only 40 mm (1.6 in) to 50 mm (2.0 in) of either barely sloped or completely flat armor plating.

20 This tank also had mechanical problems, partly from the complex, copper-dependent gasoline-electric drive system's poor grade of copper.