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1 The earliest unmistakable evidence of the Greeks having domestic cats comes from two coins from Magna Graecia dating to the mid-fifth century BC showing Iokastos and Phalanthos, the legendary founders of Rhegion and Taras respectively, playing with their pet cats.

2 One coin of Caligula (AD 37–41), and two coins of Nero (AD 54–68).

3 Harman issued two coins of Half Puffin and One Puffin denominations in 1929, nominally equivalent to the British halfpenny and penny, resulting in his prosecution under the United Kingdom's Coinage Act of 1870.

4 For tossing two coins, the corresponding sample space would be {(head,head), (head,tail), (tail,head), (tail,tail)}, commonly written {HH, HT, TH, TT}.

5 Governor Lachlan Macquarie solved the second problem by creating two coins from every Spanish silver dollar in circulation.

6 Liquor was another profitable private industry nationalized by the central government in 98 BC. However, this was repealed in 81 BC and a property tax rate of two coins for every 0.2 L (0.05 gallons) was levied for those who traded it privately.

7 Two-up is a traditional Australian gambling game, involving a designated "spinner" throwing two coins or pennies into the air.

8 Port Henry is mentioned in the song "Two Coins" by the Vermont-based band Dispatch.

9 The inscription comes from two coins, the first part from the Queen Ann Farthing, and the second part from the Cromwell Broad.

10 Two coins were minted as a proof set only, the South African Rand remained the official currency.

11 I immediately arranged a demonstration in which each participant tossed two coins at a target behind his back, without any feedback.

12 Two coins minted at Sheepen, one found in Colchester in 1980 and another found at Canturbury in 1978, depict boats, and are the only known depictions of sailing vessels from Iron Age Britain.

13 In 2013, the Royal Canadian Mint created two coins to commemorate the wood duck.

14 The two coins are each part of a three coin set to help promote Ducks Unlimited Canada as well as celebrate its 75th anniversary.

15 (Ant. Itin. pp. 434, 439). Two coins from the reign of the Visigothic king Sisebuto, show that it was known at the time as "Semure".

16 In November 2009 the Royal Australian Mint issued two coins, $1 and a 20 cent, to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the expedition.

17 Quietus, for example, ruled only part of the Roman Empire from 260 to 261 AD, and yet he issued two coins bearing his image.

18 Two coins which adhere to one another are called "bonded pairs".

19 This produces two coins: one with only an obverse image, and a second with only the reverse image.

20 In August 1899 two coins of Vespasian (69–79 AD) were found in an ancient trench in Penzance Cemetery.