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1 She had three elder brothers, Nero Caesar, Drusus Caesar, and the future Emperor Caligula, and two younger sisters, Julia Drusilla and Julia Livilla.

2 he had an elder sister, Ludwika (1807–1855), and two younger sisters, Izabela (1811–1881) and Emilia (1812–1827).

3 He has two younger sisters, Darleen and Janet.

4 Two younger sisters were born after the birth of George Frideric: Dorthea Sophia, born 6 October 1687, and Johanna Christiana, born 10 January 1690.

5 He had two younger sisters: Frances ("Pat") and Catherine Elizabeth ("Kay").

6 He had two younger sisters: Lisane, born in 1964, and Jeanine, born in 1967.

7 Stewart had two younger sisters, Mary (1912–1977) and Virginia (1914–1972).

8 He had a younger brother, Douglas, and two younger sisters, Marilyn and Leonie.

9 He had two younger sisters, Anna Maria and Maria Magdalena, and a younger brother, Johann Heinrich.

10 She has two younger sisters named Heather (born 1981) and Jennifer (born 1984), who are former actresses.

11 He has two younger sisters, Claire and Lizzy.

12 He also had two younger sisters, Marie and Rose, with whom he went to a primary school every day.

13 Hird has two younger sisters.

14 Springsteen has two younger sisters named Virginia and Pamela.

15 She has one elder brother, Rick (born 1955), and two younger sisters, Dedee Pfeiffer (born 1964), a television and film actress, and Lori Pfeiffer (born 1965).

16 he had one older brother, four younger brothers, and two younger sisters.

17 He has a younger brother, Olivier (born 1927), as well as two younger sisters: Isabelle (born 1935) and Marie-Laure (born 1939).

18 His older brothers were Harvey Hollister Bundy, Jr., and William Putnam Bundy, and he had two younger sisters, Harriet Lowell and Katharine Lawrence.

19 He has two younger sisters.

20 In the Harivamsa, for example, Parvati has two younger sisters called Ekaparna and Ekapatala.