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1 It also oversaw the provision of urban amenities in Asmara and Massawa, and employed many Eritreans in public service, particularly in the police and public works departments.

2 The city has been described as one divided into sections for those able to afford to live in planned localities with access to urban amenities, and those who live in unplanned communities with inadequate access to such services.

3 Furthermore, proximity to urban amenities such as transit stops has been shown to drive up home prices over time.

4 Urban amenities such as drains and the public bath were no longer maintained, and newer buildings were "poorly constructed".

5 Developers seized the opportunity and constructed three- and four-story townhomes along eastern Center Street, eastern Church Street, and Prescott Avenue to usher in a younger generation of homeowners seeking urban amenities in a suburban setting.

6 It offers a mix of a rural atmosphere and urban amenities including a number of lodging establishments.

7 Religious institutions, individuals and charitable organizations in both Islam and Christianity likewise promoted moral and physical wellbeing by endowing urban amenities such as wells, fountains, schools and bridges, also in the service of pilgrims.